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Resin Sand Production Line

  • FTB Series Boiling Cooling Bed
FTB Series Boiling Cooling Bed

FTB Series Boiling Cooling Bed

FTB Series Boiling Cooling Bed
FTB boiling cooling bed mainly used for sand temperature adjustment after resin sand regeneration.Adopt the air cooling heat exchange way for circulating water,radiating tube and  boiling type to reduce the sand temperature to meet the regulate value.On our plant it can choose the newest and reliable reverse-flow fiberglass cooling tower.Not only for energy conservation,but also can reduce the fault rate to extend the plant usage life,with compact structure and less thermosteresis.
It can used separately and also can composite  with other plants to make up the resin sand regeneration assembly line. Technical Parameter
Model Sand Capacity(t/h) Inlet Sand Temperature(℃) Outlet Sand Temperature(℃) High Pressure Blower Power
Feeding Pump(Kw)
FTB10 5-10 100 30 37 3kw,30 m3/h×20m
FTB15 10-15 100 30 37 5.5kw,30 m3/h×20m
FTB20 20 100 30 55 7.5kw,50 m3/h×20m
FTB30 30 100 30 75 7.5kw,50m3/h×20m

*The higher or lower production capacity is related with sand and water temperature,when sand temperature exceed 60℃,it should through the cooling water,but please note that we don’t equipped with refrigerating unit for this plant.